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Hee Nalu Surf Camp
Hee Nalu Surf Camp

The surf camp is located 15km north of Agadir, 45min from Agadir airport. We are based right in the middle of the Mecca of surf in Morocco. Stay at our surf camp Morocco if you want to meet surfer from around the word and live the surfing style, or for more privacy you can rent one of our apartment in Taghazout.

Most of all we are located right front of the famous surf spots of Morocco. Banana point, Devil’s Roch, Crocro beach and at 5 min drive from the world class Anker point. Furthermore the view from our surf house is outstanding, whether your at the terrace, kitchen or any other place at the camp. You can enjoy the sunsets and the panoramic beautiful view of Taghazout Bay.

Our friendly team are experienced and qualified surf instructors who are willing to make from your vacation an extraordinary journey. Also you can’t be in Morocco without tasting the Moroccan appetizing food. Our Chef will cook delicious and pleasant meals with the world known moroccan spices, as well as the European meals. All fresh and organic products to suit all different tastes. Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free is available. In conclusion our surf camp Morocco is great place for couples, solo surfer, family, or group of friends. Also if you want more privacy and would like to stay near shops and restaurants, we offer Beachfront rental apartments in Taghazout, located 5 min walking distance to Anker point. Whether you are looking for surf trip morocco, surf guiding, Yoga surf Retreat, an apartment for rental or what so ever, we will organize it for you.

Surf Beginners/intermediate level:
Surf beginners offer is for the surfers wanting to progress and improve their surfing skills in Morocco. We teach lessons in Agadir, Taghazout, Tamraght, Anchor Point beaches. All what you have to do is surfing; we take care of the rest!!

Surfing in Morocco, Agadir/Taghazout area is unforgettable experience, waves are perfect to learn surfing in, and the weather is not too warm and not cold. We have 340 sunny days per year, during the winter it get cool in the evening around 15°C but in the day it’s around 20°23°.
We will take you surfing for 5 days in this package, for the first surf sessions we will watch you surfing in morocco for 15 min to know your exact level. From that we will make you a training programme for the rest of the week. We will teach you the surfing technique, also how the waves are forming, currants, swell and all the necessary to make you surf improving is the best way.
In order to get the most out of surfing experience, surfers need to learn about the area they will be surfing in. We will choose the surf spot with the best conditions for your skill level, then tell you all about the particular aspects of the Moroccan surf spots. We will help you improve your wave judgment and surfing techniques by coaching, observing, and giving you pointers and tips on new manoeuvres.

Surf Guiding Package

Offers a top quality surf guiding services for surfers who are already competent out in the water. This is for advanced/intermediate surfers who doesn’t want to loose time to look for the best surf break of the day. All what you have to do is surf and we will take care of the rest!!

We are located near Taghazout, front of the famous Banana Point and Devil’s Rock.  The surf guiding morocco package will provide you a surfer guides who have been surfing in Morocco and around Taghazout for more then 15 years and they are happy to share their knowledge, about where and when the best waves will be forming. He’e nalu Surf House morocco is open all year around. Depending on your skill level, we will find the best spots for you and provide all the necessary transport, food and water.

This surf guiding package has:

5 days surfing from Taghazout to Tamri/Imesouane depending on the surf conditions. You will have a surfer guide at your disposal for 5 hours per day possibility to add more days for an extra fee. We only take small group and they have to have the same level that way we all go surfing in the same spots, no beginners in the groups, 1 guide for a maximum of 6 people.

There is also the possibility to have a private guide who can take pictures while your are surfing, please contact us for more information for more details.

We don’t provide surfboard on this offer but it’s possible to rent one if you can’t bring your own surf board. Check out surf camp Taghazout, 5 min walking distance to Anchor Point.

Surf Coaching

The surf coaching morocco is for people who already surf but unfortunately they don’t have time to surf that often. This training is for the surfer who would love to have all the necessary surf skills to be able to surf by they own and catch green waves but also to be more independent in the water.

You are beginners or intermediate surf level and are tired to travel and surf from a surf camp to the other without feeling any improvement.

You dream is to be an advanced surfer, travel and be able to surf different surf spots or at least ride green waves and most important is to have fun.

This Surf coaching is a perfect package for you. We guarantee you the best surf training with qualified surf instructor. I know that the most surf camp would say the same, but I’m telling you this is for real.

We will take you to the best surf spot depending on your level and the condition of the day, we will let you surf alone for the first session to make a programme for the rest of the week and specially we would need to know your level. From that you will have a programme for the rest of the week, we will work on your issues; give you some tips to improve them.

The difference with us is we will teach you not only surf technique but also how the waves are forming, what are the different kind of waves, wind, spots….
You don’t only need to know how to surf; you need to understand the ocean to be able to surf with ease.

We used the last technology to help you improving your surfing, we are able to talk to you while you are in the water telling where to paddle, which waves to catch and what to do while your are surfing.

Surf coaching morocco is a training week with video analyse, pictures and our special and last technology to communicate with you while you are in the water. In the evening after dinner we watch what we filmed and discuss the session, and give you tips for the next day. End of the surf trip with us we will give you all the pictures and video.

Surf Trip Morocco

You’re the one who can do those big cutbacks and get barreled right? Planing for a surf trip in Morocco But don’t really know where to go. This package is for you, If you are confident in your surfing ability and different wave conditions, this package is for you! We will use our local knowledge and years of experience to bring you to the right spots at the best time. We will guide you in and out of the water to some of the best surf in Morocco has to offer. Video coaching and surf photography is also available to capture every one of your amazing rides. Even if you think you are surfing at your best, there is always something you can improve upon.


Surf coaching for intermediates, surf guiding for advanced surfers in one of Morocco’s best surf spots, Taghazout & Imesouane Bay and enjoying the uncrowded waves.
Stay in our Surf camp in Tamraght for the first 2 days then moving to Imesouane and travel around
Transport during your stay, all the travel in including


All meals are included; BBQ dinners are no exception. We know that surfing makes our guests hungry and we provide plentiful, tasty and healthy meals made by our Local chef to meet everyone’s’ appetite. Vegetarian options are also available.


Our guests will use our warm and comfortable wetsuits and Full ranges of surfboard sizes are available. We provide the latest technology tools ( camera….) in excellent conditions to make of your surf trip Morocco a memorable one.

Surf Discovery Beginners

Surf discovery beginners in morocco is for those who want to learn surfing in Morocco, but also relax and do other activities. You will have 2 hours surfing lessons per day for 5 days and the rest of the time you can do some yoga, hose bike riding, go fishing or simply rest and chill with other surfers at the surf camp.


After breakfast, we will choose which surfboard and wetsuit fits you best. Then head to the beach for your 2 hours’ surf lesson. The He’e nalu surf camp Morocco begins with five minutes of jogging and stretching out, then fifteen minutes theory course with one of our certified instructors before getting in the water surfing, practicing, and learning surfing basics and how to feel safe and comfortable in the ocean. After the surf session, we’ll have a lunch break then drive you back to the camp to relax and enjoy the rest of your day.


Yoga and Surf are perfect match, yoga has great benefits for improving surfing performance, as the two beside being sports share the same essential requirements and they are both spiritual


Accompanying the surf lessons, you can participate in one or 2 daily yoga sessions each morning or/and afternoon.

The yoga classes will take place in our beautiful terrace with panoramic views over the wide ocean. If it is too uncomfortable outside, you can use the Yoga room inside.

Our Yoga instructors surf as well, they set an appropriate program for you.

Waking early in the morning to practice Yoga before surfing is very important. It helps to warm up for the exercises in the waves and start the day fit and fully motivated.

- Surf

- Snorkeling

- Tiendas

- Excursiones

- Yoga

- Quads

- Horse riding

Surf Beginners Price

Low Season (May-September) Price is 380€ / w.p
High season (October-April) Price is 420€ /w.p

Surf beginners Package Include:

7 nights accommodation in shared room
Breakfast, lunch on the beach and dinner
One bottle of water per day
2×2,5 hours surf lessons per day for 5 days with qualified surf instructor
Surf equipment (board, wetsuit, leash)
Daily transportation to the spots (5 days)
Free Wifi
5 Pictures of your best surf session
Transfer return to Agadir Airport or the bus station

Surf guiding package

Low season (Mai-Sept.)   350 €/w.p
High season (Oct.-Apr.)     400 €/w.p

Surf guiding Include:

7 nights accommodation in shared room
Breakfast, lunch on the beach and dinner
One bottle of water per day
7 hours surf guiding per day for 5 days
Qualified and friendly guide
Daily transportation to the spots
Free Wifi
Transfer return to Agadir Airport or the bus station

Surf coaching prices

Low Season (May-September) Price is 480€ / w.p
High season (October-April) Price is 540€ /w.p


7 nights Accommodation in single room
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
One bottle of water
6 days surf lessons with qualified surf coach
Surf board, wetsuit and leash
Daily Transportation to surf spots
Day trip to other surf spots
Video analyse to improve your surfing skill
Pictures of your best surf session
Transfer to the airport pick up and drop off

Surf Trip Morocco price

Low Season (May-September) Price is 450€ /w.p
High season (October-April) Price is 540€ / w.p


4 nights’ accommodation at He’e nalu Surf camp Tamraght in shared room
3 nights in our accommodation in Imesouane in shared room
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
One bottle of water
Daily Transportation to surf spots during all Trip
Surf lessons with qualified surf instructor 2×3 hours/day for 5 days
Surf equipment (surfboard, wetsuit, leash)
Video analyse to improve your surfing skill
Pictures of your surf sessions
Transfer to Imesouane pick up and drop off
Transfer to the airport pick up and drop off

Surf Discovey Beginners price

Low season (Mai-Sept.) 290 €/w.p
High season (Oct.-Apr.) 330 €/w.p

Package Includes:

7 nights accommodation in shared room
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a bottle of water per day
2 hours surf lesson per day for 5 days
Surf equipment (board, wetsuit, leash…)
Qualified and friendly monitors
Daily transportation to the beach
Free Wi-Fi
Transfer return to Agadir Airport or the bus station


ow season (Mai-Sept.) 550 €/w.p
High season (Oct.-Apr.) 590 €/w.p

What's including in the price:

7 nights accommodation in private room
Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
Bottle of water, free coffee and tea
5-day yoga classes
5-day 2x 2 hours surf lessons with qualified surf instructor
Surf equipment (board, wetsuit, leash...)
1-hour relaxing argan oil massage
1 visit to a traditional Moroccan market
Pictures of your incredible surf experience
Agadir Airport transfers pick up and drop off or Agadir Bus station

Hee Nalu Surf Camp
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